Personal Trainer


Personal training has proven to be the most effective way of a client achieving their weight loss / fitness goals.  I am passionate about motivating and inspiring people and my dedicated sessions will create a strong dynamic, allowing us both to focus on achieving great results.


Each session I will combine a number of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways. This will include a mixture of cardiovascular, strength, mobility, core stability and flexibility exercises using bodyweight and a wide range of fitness equipment.

I will conduct an initial basic analysis to understand your current physical condition (fitness levels, measurements, injuries, limitations etc) which will also include a consultation about your current diet/lifestyle and goals. From this I will create a programme specifically tailored for you, taking into account the results of your analysis, lifestyle and goals.

You will then be guided through a challenging programme that has been designed to ensure that you are progressively fitter, leaner, stronger and more flexible and agile.

I cannot stress enough that perseverance is key and miracles do not happen over night. The exact rate of weight loss varies in everybody and your results will be dependent upon a range of things to include, your starting weight, gender, metabolism and the type of training that you are doing. As long as you remain committed, realistic results will be achieved.

Training venues

I can offer training in the privacy of my very own fully equipped personal training studio in Meopham (Kent) or can do home visits or outdoor training at a suitable recreational space.